European Week for Waste Reducion

In the spirit of European Week for Waste Reducion, today’s meeting in Ecomuseum in Žalec was about Zero Waste concept that was also adopted in municipality of Žalec. The mayor of Žalec municipality, Janko Kos, gave a short speech to elucidate the municipal aims. Urša Zgojznik, representative of the ‘Ekologi brez meja / Ecologist with no frontiers’ presented the Zero waste’s ideas with practical solutions. Dr. Barbara Čeh (IHPS) and Alenka Doler (Development Agency Savinja) presented the project LIFE BioTHOP and its aims. After the presentations and discussion, the group went to visit regional waste management centre in Celje, RCERO. At the facilities of RCERO, the waste collection and sorting were shown.
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