Presentation of project Life Bio THOP  – Savinjska TV (July 2019)
Guidelines for composting hop biomass (October 2021)
Sharpened knife, good adjusted cutter and regular cleaning of the harvest machine are the most important for problem-free harvesting.
Cleaning of cutter in the harvest machine for hops (September 2022)
How to clean the cutter on the harvest machine? Regular cleaning allows trouble-free harvesting.
Waste fiber transformation into moulded wine bottle packaging
Wine bottle packaging, made from waste cardboard and hop fibres by TRIDAS.
Degradation of PLA twine after 1 month of composting (2021)
Look how BioTHOP PLA twine looks like after 1 month under composting conditions, in season 2021.
Composting in hop growing sector- Mr. Joris Cambie (Belgium) (February 2021)
Mr. Joris Cambie, hop grower from Poperinge, Belgium, shares his experience with composting.
Turning of hop biomass compost pile in 3 steps (November 2021)
A pile of hop biomass needs to be turned during composting, the video shows how it is done if you have a tractor loader. If temperature inside compost exceeds 45°C, we turn the compost once weekly. If temperature exceeds 60°C, we turn it twice weekly.
 Moulded biodegradable products from hop biomass (May 2022)
New moulded biodegradable products, such as planting pots, trays for automotive industry, phone holders, shoe horns and cosmetic pots are made from hop biomass to reduce plastic waste. In the video, TECNOPACKAGING presents production of these products.
New biodegradable sustainable products for reducing the plastic pollution in agricultural sector (April 2022)
TECOS – leading the pilot action on injection moulding of BioTHOP plating pots for horticulture (November 2021)
Tecnopackaging – production of hop fiber PLA compounds (November 2021)
 Testing PLA planting pots for hop plants production (July, 2020)
BioTHOP PLA twine installation (January, 2021)
The first validation trial on the production of bioplastic planters by Tecos (April, 2020)
Presentation of LIFE BioTHOP project on LIFE CITRUSPACK final conference (February, 2021)
First testing of BioTHOP planting pots models on automatic machine (januar 2020)
BioTHOP PLA twine degradation after 6 months of composting (March, 2020)
Hop harvesting – BioTHOP twine (November 2020)
The way of hop growing in Slovenia (november 2015)
Replicability of BioTHOP twine in other regions and sectors  (July 2021)
BioTHOP twine for sustainable hop-growing (August, 2020)
Use of BioTHOP planting pots at IHPS (June, 2021)
Testing of BioTHOP planting pots in hops plantlets production
Start of testing planting pots with a new material formulation based on BioPBS matrix and hop waste fibres in hop plantlets production.
Degraded of BioTHOP twine after 1 month of composting (2020)
There have to be the right temperature and moisture maintained for some weeks in the pile and turned according to temperature measurements. Partner of the LIFE BioTHOP project is Lankhorst Euronete Portugal, member of the Royal Lankhorst Yarns. They are in charge of development of home compostable PLA twine for hop-growing sector.
BioTHOP twine installation (short version)
Look how the journey of BioTHOP twine in hop fields began.
Filming of Ljudje in zemlja episode (People and their land) on RTV Slovenija
In the attached episode of Ljudje in zemlja (People and their land) on RTV Slovenija (RTV SLO), the project BioTHOP and its results were presented. Ljudje in zemlja (People and their land) is an educational-advising programme that considers all aspects of agriculture. Its primary activities regard direct stakeholders (producers in each agriculture sector), its experiences, problems, and practical solutions. The content is always upgraded and supported by experts and other stakeholders that have any kind of impact on a particular sector. In the attached episode, dr. Barbara Čeh and Lucija Luskar have presented the usage of biodegradable BioTHOP PLA twine that is being trained at this time. Amongst results regarding twine, we have spoken about composting of hop biomass intertwined with biodegradable twine and other relevant subjects.
Seed experiment on chinese cabbage (compost testing)
Chinese cabbage seeds were used for direct seed experiments with composts from hop waste. Composts were mixed with the commercial substrate for planting. 10 seeds of Chinese cabbage were sown into planting pots and now they grow in the controlled environment growth chamber at 24 °C (day) / 17 °C (night) with a 13h photoperiod.
Hop fields with a BioTHOP twine
BioTHOP team from IHPS is checking hop fields with installed BioTHOP twine.
BioTHOP products based on transformed hop waste (planting pots and packaging trays)
BioTHOP products are in the process of evaluation – planting pots and trays for wine bottle transport.
Presentation of LIFE BioTHOP project on International Agricultural and Food Fair AGRA (Slovenia)
Project LIFE BioTHOP was presented at the 59th International Agricultural and Food Fair AGRA in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. AGRA is a hub of new technologies, know-how and experience from Slovenia and the international space. The fair brings an important breakthrough to sustainable agriculture and related food processing industries, the preservation of biodiversity and the Green Deal. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for the transfer of new know-how to Slovenian agricultural holdings and farms, for the exchange of experience in the international field, and for paving new business ties. The team BioTHOP prepared professional meeting and consultation for visitors. In addition, a few hop plants intertwined with biodegradable PLA twine were exhibited in a sample garden. It was presented, how hop plant biomass after harvest can be used as main ingredient of composting and afterward used as a natural fertiliser or material to produce biodegradable products. All biodegradable products were exhibited on BioTHOP stand.
Team LIFE BioTHOP with partners and co-financiers visited Žatec (Czech Republic)
Team LIFE BioTHOP with partners and co-financiers visited Žatec, Czech Republic, 23. – 24. 8. 2021. We visited Hop Research Institute, one of our replicative regions, where biodegradable PLA twine is being tested on 1 ha of their hop fields. Then we visited our partner TRIDAS, who produces emballage trays for wine bottles.
Summer activities of LIFE BioTHOP team
End of hops harvest season in Lower Savinja Valley. LIFE BioTHOP team collaborated with hop growers during harvest in hop fields, where the biodegradable PLA twine was tested.