C2 Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusions and Recommendations of the project will be based on the monitoring. The evaluation will compare expected objectives with the progress results of the preparatory action (A1) and implementation actions (B1-B5) to evaluate the project’s outputs and the benefits of its products.

This action is completed with the analysys of the socio-economic impact of the project, making new policy recommendations by incorporating the up-to-dated indicators of the resulted good practices, and the best ways predicted to protect the BioTHOP’s results in order to ensure an effective collaborative strategy to commercialise the generated products and services. Within this Action we will also organize the consultations with the stakeholders in the after-life communication plan and define the Replicability, transferability and industrialisation plan.


There will be four deliverables produced in this Action, which will be published in the Deliverables section:

  • C2.D1 Socio-economic analysis of BioTHOP Solutions
  • C2.D2 Recommendations for more effective regulatory policies and governance structures
  • C2.D3 Business plan
  • C2.D4 Collaboration agreement defined