B3 Demonstration Pilot in Packaging Sector

B3. Demonstration Pilot in Packaging Sector

Action B3 will demonstrate the feasibility of using the transformed hop waste fibre sheets in the packaging sector. To this end, TRIDAS will produce the packaging demonstrator – the box inserts for wine bottles packaging, based on pulp moulding technology, with the material supplied by Zelfo Technology (ZT).

ZT will render the hop waste suitable for pulp moulding applications, i.e. in a “pulp-like” form and as a ready-to-use material for TRIDAS. The objective is to be able to use hop biomass after harvest as replacement of part of their usual furnish. The moulded fibre is a modern packaging material with both tradition and futurity, presented with a very low impact on environmental load (carbon footprint), excellent cushioning properties and 100 % ability to be recycled and compostable. This packaging not only meets the requirements of the modern industrial packages but, at the same time, it minimizes the impacts of human activities on environment by means of reducing N2O and CO2 emissions. Moulded fibre packages are thus offered as sustainable products, fully biodegradable, and in compliance with the ISO 14000 and with EU standards for eco-points.

The opportunity to use hop waste fibre sheets as one of the input materials brought the idea to develop the product, which will cover the market demand and offer more than what the customer can get at this moment. At the same time, it will contribute to a circular modular approach and zero agro-waste management. TRIDAS will use the recovered and modified hop waste fibre crumbs as one the input materials for new packaging demonstrators: BOX INSERTS for wine bottle packaging.

There will be two deliverables produced in this Action, which will be published in the Deliverables section:

  • B3.D1 Report on the adaptation of hop waste fiber materials to pulp moulding process
  • B2.D2 Report on waste hop fibre moulded box insert demonstrator for packaging applications
IMG_akcijaB3_testing tray
IMG_akcijaB3_Fibre during drying phase
IMG_akcijaB3_ZT Feeder Pulp Forming