E1 Project management

Project management includes the overall management of the project, following the latest LIFE Regulation Amendments and the procedures and governance structure as agreed in the Partnership Agreement, including the project’s own Steering Committee Board. It will set up the practical direction for the project by orchestrating its technical activities in an orderly and seamless manner. The fulfilment of the project’s key goals will be done through periodical and detailed control of all actions/sub-actions, and always following the schedule and financial commitments proposed in the work plan.

Within this Action Green Procurement Report and After-Life Plan will be written. This deliverables will detail the activities that will be carried out after the end of the project.


LIFE BioTHOP team in July 2019 (Photo: T. Tavčer)

Project managment team

Barbara Čeh

Project Manager:
Barbara Čeh, PhD, IHPS

Martin Pavlovič

Risk Manager:
Martin Pavlovič, PhD, IHPS

Alenka Doler-min

Dissemination Manager:
Alenka Doler, Development Agency Savinja

The second BioTHOP steering committee meeting at partner TECOS facilities in Celje in December 2019