B5 Replicability and Transferability

Within Action B5 we will replicate and transfer the BioTHOP results to other EU regions and industrial sectors. The replicability and transferability of project results on three-fold level: (1) other transformation processes (extrusion blow moulding), (2) new applications (bio-films), and (3) trans-regional, and the demonstrative replication will be implemented in at least 5 other EU States.

The new BioTHOP PLA twine will be replicated – used in a hop growing period of year 2021 on national level in Koroška and Eastern Slovenia hop growing regions and on the international level with defined replication methodology in Saaz Region in Czech Republic and Steiermark Region in Austria.

BioTHOP materials & products will be transferred to other sectors & applications, namely for bio-film production in Croatia and products for FMCG sectors in Spain & Germany. TECNO will develop films for uses in agriculture – protection bags for fruits as mulching film for vegetable and fruit production. The guidelines for transferring the BioTHOP materials to other potential sectors and applications will be elaborated for fast up-take of the project results of our products/services.


Replicative region of BioTHOP in 2021 will be among others Žatec hop growing region in CZ.

We will make five deliverables, which can be found among Deliverables when being made:

  • B5.D1 Guidelines for replication the BioTHOP twining methodology in other EU regions
  • B5.D2 Guidelines for transferring the BioTHOP materials to other industrial sectors
  • B5.D3 Replicability and transferability plan defined
  • B5.D4 Final report on industrialisation plan of the resulted BioTHOP solutions
  • B5.D5 Replication and/or Transfer Strategy

Transfering results to other fields – composting BioTHOP twine together with garden organic waste biodinamic way