D2 Dissemination of the project results and stakeholders involvement

In Action D2 all partners will disseminate the project results at local, regional and international level and boost the involvement of stakeholders during and after the project execution. Actions will contribute to raised awareness among the citizens, SMEs, large companies, associations, municipalities, clusters, agro cooperatives, research institutes and government institutions about the harvested hop waste management and valorisation, and bioplastic product benefits for the environment. We will make a Local Stakeholders Plan, on-line dissemination actions, write scientific papers, adverts for technical reviews, banners and newsletters and at the end of the project also an After Life Communication Plan. New products and materials will be proposed to be investigated (replicability), and new sectors/regions will be studied for the transferability of results.


BioTHOP results disemination on the poster at the international conference of International Fetilizer Society in Cambridge

Dissemination of BioTHOP results at the international Fair on Agriculture and Food in Gornja Radgona http://www.sejem-agra.si/en/ with over 2100 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries each year, with more than 140,000 visitors